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Artemis Fine Arts is the successor to David Carritt Ltd, and therein lies both our story, and our ethos. As the NY Times obituary stated (5th August 1982) "David Carritt, the English art historian, critic and dealer who was responsible for more sensational discoveries in the field of old master paintings since World War II than any other man..."

Well, whether it was a Caravaggio - now in the Metropolitan Museum - a Fragonard from Mentmore, and now in the National Gallery in London - blindingly obvious to those who could open the pages of the then current catalogue raisonné - or a major Turner oil painting where entrenched and vested interests had tried to suppress yet another discovery, it was David, and David alone, who could stand up and point out with startling acuity what seemed so simple, and unarguable, once he had put the facts before you. It was for these qualities that he was noticed at an early age first by Benedict Nicolson and then by Bernard Berenson. But more than that, with all his erudition, he remained brilliant company and unfailingly enlightening.

As Eminence Grise David was succeeded by the very urbane, and aristocratic, Tim Bathurst. Many a castle delivered up a treasure or two under Tim's fair guidance. A pair of Bellottos here, and a pair of Bouchers there ! Those were indeed the days, when anyone lucky enough to be taken into the "dungeons" at 15, Duke Street, would be shown, from the racks, paintings any one of which would grace the walls of the most famous art galleries.

All this discussion of old masters might lead you to believe we dealt in nothing else. Picasso, Braque, Leger, the Impressionists, Barbizon, Courbet and Delacroix, Degas, always a favourite, and the greats from the British school, those too we know about.

Now the firm is in the hands of Charles Payne, whose connection with David Carritt ltd goes back to the 1970's, and of whom Tim Bathurst used to say: "may i introduce you to the man who saved the firm," on account of introducing to them one extraordinarily important painting; and M/s Laerke Rindvig who is equally at home discussing Old Masters, Ingres or Idris Khan and the contemporary art market. Indeed, her presence will have been noted by many, whether it was in Hong Kong, Art Basel, TEFAF, or at the auctions.

Continuing in the tradition of the founding fathers, we too have made some rather remarkable discoveries. More news on these will be forthcoming shortly ! In the mean time if you have any particular requests, or areas of interest, please do let us know. We would love to help.

Charles & Laerke


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